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<div style="text-align: left;">Thinking back to the old homeplace<br />
Where I was born and raised<br />
In that little mountain home in Caroline<br />
Brings back childhood memories<br />
Beneath those old pine trees<br />
In that little mountain home in Caroline<br />
chorus:<br />
And Carolina Im coming home again<br />
To see my family and dear old childhood friends<br />
I know it's been so many years<br />
Its been such a long time<br />
But I'm coming home again to Caroline<br />
<br />
I can't believe I'm going home<br />
I've been away too long<br />
I haven't been back there since Grandmaw passed away<br />
But those childhood memories<br />
Mean all the world to me<br />
And I'll hold onto them until my dying day<br />
<br />

©Lou Reid and Carolina 2012 ®KMA Records 2012