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When I was young I dreamed of being older<br />
Now that I'm older I dreamed of being young<br />
I dream of a time when there was no time at all<br />
And I wonder where the time has gone<br />
When I was young I dreamed of how I'd spend my life<br />
Now that I'm older I spend my life in dreams<br />
The things I've planned I've never done<br />
The things I've done I never planned <br />
And all the while it is later than it seems<br />
<br />
Time&nbsp;&nbsp; you're no friend to me<br />
As you go tickin by I can hear the enemy<br />
Each day you add a number to the things I'll never be<br />
Oh Time, your no friend to me<br />
<br />
When I was young the road went on forever<br />
Now that I'm older I see it isn't so<br />
Once I took my time...now time has taken me<br />
And no one has to tell me where it goes<br />
<br />
by John Cadley<br />
<br />